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Good for intestines, heart and all cells

The power of wild blueberries

One capsule dose corresponds to approx. 72g wild blueberries*

Our promise of quality

The quality of the berry-strong ingredients is proven by laboratory tests

For beginners in chronic health

We've put 3 of our best products in a healthy starter pack for you.

A special highlight in the package is the new book by Dipl. Ing. (bio-med) Jutta Suffner with simple tips for a journey to a new sense of well-being.

With Jutta Suffner you will reach your goal in chronically healthy condition.

I can fully recommend Blueantox.
For me, they are an integral part of my daily dietary supplement program.
Torsten Hirschmann
"Hello, since we have been taking Blueantox daily for the family, including grandma, we have felt strengthened for everyday life. In addition, we do not know of any better products in terms of value for money."
Karl Heinz Schlamp
"I feel fitter, more awake (1) and have the impression that my immune system is also better strengthened."
Miss Dr. Ulrike B.
I am grateful twice.
For the first time on how the blueberry affects the healing process.
For the second time about how polite and benevolent both Ms. Suffner and Mr. Steller treat us as customers.
Thank you-
Eva Puchner
Veterinary practice for two
Eva Puchner
"I feel much better, have more strength and stamina again, hair and nails have become stronger."
Renate S
"The products from Blueantox are great. I've been taking them for 2 years and I get along very well with them. I can't imagine myself without them."
Nadine Voll
I've been taking the blueberries for a week now and I feel more stable and stronger, more organized and focused. I just wanted to say thank you. Your DG
I only took blueantox for a relatively short time and found it very beneficial.
I then recommended it to others. I can also report good results from friends who suffered from exhaustion or have gone through more serious illnesses. Everyone gave me very positive feedback. A high-quality product with a wide range of applications.
Highly Recommended !!!
I sleep much better, I don't get so upset anymore and if I do, then only for a short time - it doesn't go so deep anymore,
My pain (knee arthrosis, back pain) has reduced a lot, my vision has improved in the last few years
not deteriorated in years, I am physically and mentally more capable.
Elizabeth A
MS - Eine Herausforderung für den Körper und alternative Wege der Linderung?

MS - A Challenge for the Body and Alternative Routes of Relief?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects millions of people worldwide and is characterized by inflammation in the central nervous system.

In this article, we will take a closer look at inflammation in the body and also explore alternative ways to relieve symptoms of MS.

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Der Cordyceps: Eine natürliche Unterstützung für Sportler, Fitnessfreunde und Menschen mit starker Belastung zur schnelleren Regeneration

The Cordyceps: A natural support for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and people with heavy loads for faster regeneration

In the world of life and fitness, people like us and fitness enthusiasts are constantly striving for ways to improve their performance and recover faster from intense life situations, workouts or competitions.

In this article we show you possibilities for your improved regeneration.

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Aktionstag Chronisch entzündliche Darmerkrankungen und die positiven Auswirkungen wilder Blaubeeren auf den Darm?

Campaign day Inflammatory bowel diseases and the positive effects of wild blueberries on the intestines?

Inflammatory bowel diseases are complex diseases of the digestive tract, which primarily include Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

They are characterized by persistent inflammation in the gut and can lead to a variety of symptoms, including abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss, and fatigue.

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Further information:

(1) Iron, folic acid, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin B2, B12 and B6 help reduce tiredness and fatigue.