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Frauen und Besenreiser - Vorstufe Krampfadern?

Women and spider veins - precursor to varicose veins?

Dear women friends of chronic health!

a deep apology to all lords of creation for this salutation :-).

spider veins,

this is a - at least purely emotional - "problem" of the women's world. Many women know them, the small reddish vessels that shimmer through the skin.

Since a dear customer just wrote " blueantox® is an effective preparation for spider veins ", I naturally had to pass this on directly. Although we are not allowed to use the word "effective". So I'll just quote the lady.

I am in no way surprised by this statement. Why?

Collagen, the secret friend of women!

Connective tissue weakness, this is the most common cause of spider veins. In other words, the foundation is fragile. No house stands safe and sound on it.

The same is true of our skin, which consists of many layers. In addition, we sit too much today, at the moment the heat is added and the spider veins are enjoying life.

Collagen is THE most important protein, which really gives shape to our connective tissue. It is therefore important to tighten and support it.

blueberries for firm connective tissue,

This is exactly where the ingredients of the wild blueberry can start: their ingredients SUPPORT and STRENGTHEN the basis so that slack connective tissue doesn't stand a chance.

However, only the European variant has a medically recognized effect. They are used, among other things, for diarrhea - diseases and mild inflammation of the mouth and throat mucosa.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) also classifies blueberries as a traditional herbal medicine to treat symptoms of mild circulatory disorders and relieve symptoms of spider veins.

Source ick.de

Of course, the following also applies: drinking plenty of good water, sufficient exercise and a diet rich in vital substances.

Another insider tip: drink 1 cup of horsetail tea daily. This can additionally support the bone and connective tissue structure.

So dear ladies (and also gentlemen). Farewell to you dear spider veins and to firm connective tissue

PS: feel free to contact us and we will test the dosage individually

Yours and yours Jutta Suffner

about the author

Dipl. Ing. (bio-med) Jutta Suffner

Jutta Suffner has been drawn to medicine since she was a child. After training as a medical-technical radiology assistant, she completed a degree in biomedicine and researched neurodegenerative diseases using magnetic resonance imaging in Canada. In Europe, the author worked for a world-renowned company in the field of ultrasound diagnostics for more than two decades.

Then, in her early 30s, she received a horrific diagnosis and was hospitalized for almost a year. The prospects of delayed viral myocarditis were bleak and the beginning of nearly seven years of transformation and recovery. So she started researching again and found that the attitude to life, the lifestyle and other natural products can help for a faster healing process. Additional training as an alternative practitioner and research into a natural food supplement have accompanied her to her current vision that dying healthy is possible.

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