Ein beerenstarkes Leben in Balance

A berry strong life in balance

May 16, 2022Jutta Suffner

Dear friends of chronic health,

recently I discovered, among other things, this bird in a "garden of balance". How is it possible to stack the stones so balanced on top of each other? Some suspected the stones were glued. Not even close.

We were able to test for ourselves to what extent we can create such works of art in a small "stack stacking kindergarten" (I just created the word).

Prerequisite: inner balance

We quickly realized that such a stone structure is only possible if we are absolutely calm and relaxed inside. It's like playing golf or tennis: you only hit the ball if you are balanced. The same applies to the stone sculptures.

Natural adaptogens came to mind again.

With peace and balance through the day

At the moment I'm on the road and meet many heart patients every day. From a heart attack to myocarditis, from burnout to stent implantation, everything is represented.

After long conversations, (almost) everyone comes up with an essence: Life has torn them " out of balance" . They were out of balance . The heart vulnerability has come forward to recover.

Unfortunately, not everyone listens to this "warning shot". They think that after four weeks of rehab everything is "fixed". And we continue in the usual routine. It's a pity, but I've found that I can't help everyone, because every personality here is "the smith of their own fortune" in the truest sense of the word.

But there is also a blessing for many who have recognized it and ask themselves: What can I do? It can't have been that. What can I do for my future well-being?

Adaptation by natural means

We all know that movement is life. And that with nutrition and "newly screwed pear" (a quote from Prof. Jörg Spitz...I love it) a lot is feasible.

Unfortunately, due to the current situation in life, we can no longer absorb all vitamins and vital substances in optimal quantities, so supplements play a major role. Our strong team of D, magnesium and of course my beloved blueberry can provide massive support.

The latter helps to obtain the Life Balance . It helps to stay in balance. Blood pressure that is too high can drop, and low blood pressure can increase. The sympathetic is decelerated, the parasympathetic more active (in English: your hamster wheel turns more slowly).

This also applies to oats, rose petals (water or oils) and ginseng.

I sincerely wish that your hamsters will rest more and more so that they can hear and understand the language of their hearts.

Yours and your Baltic Blueberry Jutta Suffnfer

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