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Herz- Gesundheit in stürmischen Zeiten

Heart health in turbulent times

In an earlier phase of life, alternative practitioner Jutta Suffner experienced what it means to suddenly be confronted with heart problems. In search of a cure, the graduate engineer and biomedical scientist opened up to complementary methods. Today, Jutta Suffner wants to help as many people as possible to benefit from their own experience. A recovery report.

Your heart - more than a muscle

Especially in the last few weeks and months, as a therapist and consultant, I have been increasingly confronted with the topic of heart health. The spectrum ranges from high blood pressure (hypertension) to heart attack and stroke to inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis). What causes can play a role here? Your heart, weighing around 200-300 g, is a marvel, it beats for a lifetime and - in my experience - is given too little attention.

Did you know that your heart pumps around 8000 liters of blood through your body every day? In athletes, this number can increase many times over. Incidentally, their entire vascular system has a total length of approx. 150,000 km. Just so you can get an idea of ​​what that little muscle in your chest is doing. Because all your vessels and the trillions of cells need to be supplied. This is the only way to ensure all bodily functions.

The cause of heart disease

My detective work in finding the cause begins with many questions: Have you recently had a viral or bacterial illness, a tick bite, Epstein-Barr disease or a herpes outbreak? This may also be years ago. How is your gut? Flatulence, diarrhea, constipation? how do you sleep When do you wake up? How resilient are you? What has changed in the last few weeks and months? Have you had to take new medications due to comorbidities?

All of these questions often seem unrelated to your heart condition. On closer inspection, however, all these points can be connected. Also, the gut and heart are closer together than you realize.

Why does the heart cause problems?

Imagine you have "caught" a gastrointestinal virus, for example. Your immune system is compromised due to stress (emotional, physical and psychological) and you can't keep anything down except carrot soup. Your intestines are not 100% healthy, but show deficits. A silent inflammation that may have been burning inside you for months. What happens? Viruses and bacteria look for a weak point in your body . This can be your heart (muscle). That's what happened to me twenty years ago. It has to be mentioned that (not only) gastrointestinal viruses like to seek out the heart muscle because they can spread particularly well here.

What happens? The virus nests in the heart muscle and can cause heart muscle inflammation (myocarditis). Your heart is racing, your resting pulse can be up to 120 beats (the Nürburgring in 24-hour mode, so to speak). Pure exceptional situation. Your load limit is reduced to zero or greatly.

What to do if it becomes chronic

First of all: healing is possible.

Of course, a conventional medical clarification with rest, (possibly stress) and stress echo and blood draw is the first priority. But what if the parameters that are read out here are "not so bad"? So if the clinic differs from the symptoms, the laboratory values ​​do not correspond to the values ​​of your physical performance?

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. That's how it was for me then too. Now it's time to look for the cause. A viral and bacterial diagnosis (also with coagulation factors, D-dimers etc.; micronutrient and intestinal profile). All these parameters can help to uncover the causes of your problem.

We are exposed to viruses and bacteria

We live in the environment of viruses and bacteria from the first second and that's a good thing. It is all the more important to train and support our immune system right from the start so that external pathogens can be easily recognized and intercepted.

A healthy and balanced diet should be a matter of course. But what is a balanced diet? Fruit and vegetables today have vitamin and mineral deficiencies of up to 90%, if you compare this between 2021 and 1980. Bitter substances were bred out of fruit and vegetables because they do not please the palate. Sweetness is hip. But our liver, for example, lacks them in order to be able to digest properly and eliminate toxins. However, if these substances remain in our body, they can also trigger silent inflammation, which then manifests itself in a wide variety of places, such as the vessels and thus also the coronary arteries.

Then nothing stands in the way of a heart attack. Combined with a lack of mindfulness, stress and hectic pace, our engine goes on strike and paralyzes us.

Diseases such as high blood pressure and heart attacks do not come on suddenly. You will develop all of this over the course of your life. We should therefore focus more on heart health and disease prevention.

Did you know that there is a neural network of 40,000 cells in your heart muscle, which absorbs all impulses before they are perceived in the brain? The sentence “listen to your heart” suddenly takes on a completely different meaning. When was the last time you listened to your heart? Don't you feel the same way that you sometimes have "a bad feeling" when you meet a stranger? And also a "very good feeling" if a person seems trustworthy to you?

So what does this have to do with your heart health? A lot, because all these suppressed feelings and emotions have to be stored somewhere. And believe me, they will. Your cellular memory never forgets. Even if you often only feel it when your heart responds; be it in the form of a heart attack or something similar. I too was allowed to experience it - almost too late - but still soon enough to change my life.

I come from conventional medicine and am very grateful for my more than three decades of experience. This is the only way I can connect the worlds, conventional medicine with complementary and information medicine. In my opinion, this is essential today.

Concrete tips for your heart health

First things first: listen to your heart again. It "talks" to you all the time; start becoming aware of it again. I successfully avoided listening to these signals back then until it brought me to my knees and I was bedridden for almost a year. Imitation is not recommended.

Since we cannot get all the vital substances through food, I recommend the second best option, taking ethically valuable food supplements (vitamin D, magnesium, B vitamin for our stress resilience, Q10 or adaptogens such as blueantox®, to just to name a few).

However, one thing is certain: everyone is an individual and unique. I therefore advocate a consultation to explore your individual needs. This effort is worth it, because sometimes less is more. Personally, I think the adaptogens are essential to keep the balance in these turbulent times.

The most important thing at the end: everything is possible, no matter what situation you find yourself in. I was also told at the time that I had to live with medication and that sport was hardly possible anymore. Luckily none of this has come true. I dared to think outside the box and try out unusual things that made my head say: "Now she's completely crazy!". That's how I came to information medicine.

Looking back today, this massive experience was the most valuable thing that happened to me in my life. And if I can do it, so can you!

With this in mind, I wish you - in the truest sense of the word - chronic health with all my heart and look forward to an exciting journey through our health life.

Yours, Jutta Suffner

>> Product note: Jutta Suffner recommends Blueantox®-Body 90 capsules with blueberry and nettle extract .

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