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Hilfe, ich habe Bakterien!

Help I have bacteria!

Dear friends of chronic health,

Patients often contact me and say they have caught various bacteria again. The range extends from staphylococci to pathogens that cause pneumonia and meningitis.


is definitely not appropriate, because it means finding the causes. Bacteria (I always affectionately call them "subtenants") can only move in with you if the soil is suitable for them.

What to do said Zeus?

Just the other day I read in one of many studies (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20625989/) that wild blueberries are fighting in high concentrations . Bacteria and viruses don't stand a chance . Because bacterial attachment to the cell surface is always the beginning of an infection.

What if we prevent cell attachment?

Yes, that is possible

Visualize a massive blueberry armada wrapping protectively around the cells. Attackers don't stand a chance .

Because, in our blueantox extract - as the name suggests - the berry-strong cell power is extracted. It can therefore be bundled like a kind of laser and keep all attackers in check.

A great and calming thought. Of course, it is just as important to equip yourself with sufficient vitamin D, magnesium and loving thoughts .

However, you, dear readers, are already experienced and the best therapists, as I have been able to experience in many conversations.

I wish you a fruity week and send sunny greetings from the far north

Yours, Jutta Suffner

about the author

Dipl. Ing. (bio-med) Jutta Suffner

Jutta Suffner has been drawn to medicine since she was a child. After training as a medical-technical radiology assistant, she completed a degree in biomedicine and researched neurodegenerative diseases using magnetic resonance imaging in Canada. In Europe, the author worked for a world-renowned company in the field of ultrasound diagnostics for more than two decades.

Then, in her early 30s, she received a horrific diagnosis and was hospitalized for almost a year. The prospects of delayed viral myocarditis were bleak and the beginning of nearly seven years of transformation and recovery. So she started researching again and found that the attitude to life, the lifestyle and other natural products can help for a faster healing process. Additional training as an alternative practitioner and research into a natural food supplement have accompanied her to her current vision that dying healthy is possible.

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