DEMENZ Erkrankungen nehmen rasant zu!

DEMENTIA diseases are increasing rapidly!

Jan 27, 2022Jutta Suffner

Dear friends of chronic health,

I am truly shocked when I heard yesterday that the number of people suffering from dementia is growing by 40,000 people every year. We are currently at 1.2 million people suffering from Alzheimer's dementia.

800 new cases are added every day.

How could it come to this? The seemingly simple answer lies in LIFESTYLE and the massive increase in environmental pollution over the last few decades. STRESS and LACK OF VITAL SUBSTANCES complete the picture.

The main cause number one is still the SILENT INFLAMMATIONS.

So we, dear friends of chronic health, are on the right track by containing these silent fires or not letting them flare up in the first place.

In current studies, it is still clear to what extent the FLAVONOIDS in particular can massively inhibit mental decline.

So get your hands on the wild blueberry from blueantox® so that you and your loved ones can still win every chess game at the young age of 90.

Kind regards, yours and yours Jutta Suffner

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