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Klingeln im Ohr?

ringing in the ear?

Where does the ringing in the ear come from? 🤔
The causes are varied and range from stress to spinal problems, from drug intolerance to metabolic disorders. However, the root cause is often damage to the ear due to inflammation or exposure to excessive noise.
Approximately 5% of all adults are plagued by this suffering.
There is a workaround:
What is your lifestyle like? Where could the sources of inflammation lie?
Have you ever had a viral or bacterial illness?
All of these causes must be identified. Then an appropriate therapy with VITAL SUBSTANCES, NUTRITION, EXERCISE, SLEEP HYGIENE etc. can begin in order to bring your body back to recovery.
You can get more information at www.gesund-sterben.de !
Peaceful and healthy greetings from the far north
Yours and yours Jutta Suffner

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