KRAFT-WERK Herz, mehr als ein Muskel!

KRAFT-WERK heart, more than a muscle!

Mar 01, 2022Jutta Suffner

Dear friends of the chronically healthy blueberry,

Heart attack, cardiac inflammation, sudden cardiac death. In these special times we hear more and more of these bad news that seem to occur "suddenly". But is it rather the case that people have forgotten how to listen to their body's signals? We can do more than is conventionally taught to ensure that our hearts remain healthy and alert throughout our lives so that serious illnesses do not occur.

NOW it is especially important to help our heart stay in balance . The keyword is " adaptation" (adaptogen).

Again, I am grateful that the blueberry can support us in staying in balance so that our hearts can continue to beat in the beat of life.

The interview can be seen at under the following link .

We wish you and yours a lot of joy and new insights

Jutta Suffner and the blueberry team

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