Migräne und Entzündungen

migraines and inflammation

Oct 29, 2021Jutta Suffner
What exactly happens with migraines? 🤔
I explain that here 👇 😃
Due to increased neuron activity, messenger substances are released too quickly to the cerebral blood vessels.
Inflammation occurs, the vessel walls swell and blood flow slows down. This lack of blood flow triggers the migraine aura. Due to short circuits at the nerve endings, the inflammatory process is amplified.
The vascular wall is damaged, vasodilatation and edema are the result.
At the same time, pro-inflammatory messenger substances are released and the severe inflammation makes the vascular wall extremely sensitive to pain.
It is therefore essential to keep inflammation in the body as low as possible . The ingredients of the wild blueberry can support us here.
Have any of you had experience with migraines?

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  • Liebe Frau Beck,

    vielen Dank für Ihre Frage. Gern können Sie sich mit konkreten Fragen an info@juttasuffner.com wenden.
    Herzliche Grüße

    Jens von Blueantox

    Jutta Suffner
  • Hallo Frau Suffner, meine Tochter leidet seit ihrer Kindheit an Migräne sie ist jetzt 30 Jahre alt was würden sie empfehlen?

    Ibolya Beck

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