Mitmach-Webinar mit Jutta Suffner! Brisante Ergebnisse einer Untersuchung zur wilden Blaubeere

Participation webinar with Jutta Suffner! Explosive results of a study on wild blueberries

Apr 14, 2023Redaktion blueantox

Dear friends of the wild blueberry,

We cordially invite you to our hands-on webinar where you can discover the incredible benefits of wild blueberries for your body!

You can register HERE without obligation, places are limited.

Our chronic health expert, Ms. Jutta Suffner, will share breaking news about the ingredients in wild blueberries and their effects on the human body.

A recent study by a professor found that wild blueberries hold amazing things.

The results are sensational and should not be missed.

We'll also talk about other wild blueberry benefits, such as its ability to reduce inflammation in the body, lower cholesterol, and improve memory and cognitive function.

The webinar will take place on April 27, 2023 at 7 p.m. and will be held online.

You can ask your questions directly to Ms. Suffner or send us your topics in advance to

We promise you that it will be an exciting and informative event.

Just register HERE to be there. We look forward to you!

Kind regards, The BlueAntox Team

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