VIDEO: Nahrungsergänzungsmittel, Unsinn oder Sinnvoll?

VIDEO: Dietary supplements, nonsense or useful?

Nov 17, 2022Redaktion blueantox

The state of health of many people is deteriorating more and more and the number of chronic diseases is increasing.

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But why is that? Dipl. Ing. (bio-med) Jutta Suffner, the expert for chronic health, explains the background in this conversation with moderator Peggy Rockteschel and also clarifies the overabundance of dietary supplements that are currently available on the market. She says less is more. It takes very little to become and stay chronically healthy in the long term. The most important vital substance is and remains vitamin C and the frequency medicine of the blueberry. It is crucial to know that only one piece of information is needed that leads us to the next insight and thus also to the next healing step. But above all it needs an open mind and not to forget the element of water.

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Dipl. Ing. (bio-med) Jutta Suffner

Jutta Suffner has been drawn to medicine since she was a child. After training as a medical-technical radiology assistant, she completed a degree in biomedicine and researched neurodegenerative diseases using magnetic resonance imaging in Canada. In Europe, the author worked for a world-renowned company in the field of ultrasound diagnostics for more than two decades.

Then, in her early 30s, she received a horrific diagnosis and was hospitalized for almost a year. The prospects of delayed viral myocarditis were bleak and the beginning of nearly seven years of transformation and recovery. So she started researching again and found that the attitude to life, the lifestyle and other natural products can help for a faster healing process. Additional training as an alternative practitioner and research into a natural food supplement have accompanied her to her current vision that dying healthy is possible.

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