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Nutrient deficiencies in abundance

Sep 28, 2021Jutta Suffner

Nutrient deficiencies in abundance

Tomato is not just a tomato
If we talk to our parents and grandparents, we get astonished looks at the variety of "nutritional supplements" that can be found in our homes today. Just why?
"We used to just go into the garden, pick apples, pears and whatever nature gave us at that moment. Fruit and vegetables were freshly prepared and eaten"; so the statement of many of our older gentlemen.

hand on heart
What does your daily fruit and vegetable routine look like? Which one of us has the privilege of harvesting fresh? I congratulate all those who belong to it.
However, there is another challenge to be mastered: How many vitamins do our freshly harvested fruit and vegetables contain?

When I recently held a study in my hand that compared the vitamin and mineral content of pears, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and broccoli in 1965 with 2002, I was speechless (again). Loss of up to 90% in vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, B vitamins, calcium, folic acid, zinc and selenium.

Depleted soils
One of the reasons for this nutrient depletion is that from the beginning of agriculture, people have always cultivated the sweetest and least bitter plants. The sour or bitter taste has been literally removed from most (wild) plants through selection.
Let's take the polyphenol content as an example: the more a plant has to "defend" itself, the higher it is. But then it no longer tastes as sweet and pleasant as we would like it to.
Depleted soils, treatment with pesticides, etc., premature harvesting, etc. are other factors that do not exactly promote the vitamin content of our food.

It's in our hands
Actually it is paradoxical; we live in a society of scarcity. On the one hand we seem to have everything we need to live, on the other hand chronic diseases are increasing massively . There is something wrong?
Fast pace of life, hustle and bustle, multitasking, constant availability, fast food, all of this contributes to a massive lack of vital substances. Stress is the biggest vital substance killer of all time. And when I say stress, I don't just mean professional "stress", but in particular emotional and physical exceptional situations. Our body lives in a constant fight mode and accordingly consumes high doses of vitamins and vital substances that need to be replenished.

The second best solution
If we do not have the opportunity to absorb enough vitamins and vital substances through our food, then we use the second best option: taking ethically correct and selected vital substance products .
Therefore, when choosing and during these special times, pay attention to an optimal supply of food supplements that bring your body back into balance; Vitamin D and magnesium as well as omega 3 should also be supplied.

Each of you is special
For this reason, I consider individual consultations to be very important; every body is unique and accordingly needs more or less vitamins and minerals. That's why we at blueantox also offer individual testing of the dosages .
A consultation always makes sense; here we can first determine their current status. It's often the small things that bring about big changes.
In addition... you drive your car to the TÜV every 2 years and change the tires in summer and winter. Why not also with the "car body"?

With this in mind, I wish you a sunny week in this wonderful beginning of autumn.

Warm and healthy greetings,

Your Baltic blueberries with team

Jutta Suffner

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