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Benefit from valuable information for your path to "chronic health"

Mit Jutta Suffner kommen Sie chronisch gesund ans Ziel!

With Jutta Suffner you will reach your goal in chronically healthy condition!

For more than 30 years, the author has been active as a graduate engineer (bio-med) as an alternative practitioner and health expert in medicine. Natural medicine appealed to her after a very serious illness of her own.
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PODCAST - Treffen mit Dr. med. Andres Bircher

PODCAST - Meeting with Dr. medical Andres Bircher

The conversations with Nicola Flückiger are always a great pleasure for me and that's why I simply referred him to Dr. med Andres Bircher, the grandson of the inventor of Birchermüslie, to the Swiss mountains.

Feel free to listen to the podcast with Nicola and look forward to the upcoming interview with me and Dr. Andres Bircher.

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PODCAST: Die wilde Blaubeere

PODCAST: The Wild Blueberry

enjoy listening to the podcast 👇
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PODCAST : DARM-Gesundheit

PODCAST : gastrointestinal health

enjoy listening to the podcast 👇
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