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Schmerzmittel - Alternativen (nicht nur) für Sportler !

Painkillers - alternatives (not only) for athletes!

Not only (high-performance) athletes,

suffer from massive side effects due to the intake of so-called NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs). Now hold on tight: we are talking about around 2.5 million painkiller-induced kidney diseases per year.
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Biohacking? Lieber auf natürliche Art!

biohacking? Prefer the natural way!

Are we saying goodbye to ourselves?
To be honest, this "experience" made me think. Where have we come to if we don't learn to listen to our bodies again.

Yes, even if I just didn't walk 50,000 steps and according to "biohacking" my heart rate was lower today. So what?
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Frühling, ich komme mit voller Kraft und Immunbooster!

Spring, I'm coming in full force and immune boosters!

In order to be well prepared, it is important to activate our life meridian. Therefore, the blueberry has made friends with the Cordyceps sinensis. The latter activates the lung and kidney meridians so that we can perform at our best. In blueantox®-sport you will find this wonderful marriage of nature.
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