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Gute Laune und Intelligenz bei Kindern fördern, wie ist das möglich!

Promote a good mood and intelligence in children, how is that possible!

How can we support the mood?

In addition to an optimal need for vital substances, exercise, fresh air and love for what we do, there is also support from nature.

In fact, there are several studies that have been evaluated in young adults and children.
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Ein beerenstarkes Leben in Balance

A berry strong life in balance

At the moment I'm on the road and meet many heart patients every day. From a heart attack to myocarditis, from burnout to stent implantation, everything is represented.

After long conversations, (almost) everyone comes up with an essence: Life has torn them " out of balance" . They were out of balance . The heart vulnerability has come forward to recover.

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HAMSTER geben Vollgas !

HAMSTER go full throttle!

Do you feel like this sometimes? You have the impression in your brain that there are at least two teams of hamsters playing football.

Many people feel something like this or something similar in these turbulent times. I hear this almost every day in my fee-based consultations.

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