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Benefit from valuable information for your path to "chronic health"

VIDEO: Stärke Deine Sehkraft

VIDEO: Strengthen your eyesight

There are some studies that suggest that eating blueberries, including wild blueberries, may improve eyesight.
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VIDEO: Nahrungsergänzungsmittel, Unsinn oder Sinnvoll?

VIDEO: Dietary supplements, nonsense or useful?

The state of health of many people is deteriorating more and more and the number of chronic diseases is increasing.

But why is that? Dipl. Ing. (bio-med) Jutta Suffner, the expert for chronic health, explains the background in this conversation with moderator Peggy Rockteschel.

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VIDEO: Kennen Sie das Bircher-Müsli?

VIDEO: Do you know Bircher muesli?

Together with Nicola Pflückiger, from the Catch the zenith podcast, we met Dr Andres Bircher in the little musician's house, in the middle of two grand pianos belonging to his grandfather, Dr Maximillian Bircher-Benner, the well-known inventor of Bircher muesli.

Dr.Andres Bircher opened his treasure chest of experiences from more than 4 decades of knowledge of human medicine.

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Stille Entzündungen - eine unbekannte Epidemie?

Silent inflammation - an unknown epidemic?

In the current interview at Wa(h)re Gesundheit, we shed light on the hot topic of silent inflammation and what effects it can have.

It supports the thesis that prevention, i.e. the prevention of silent inflammation, can be massively supported with my beloved blueberry from blueantox®.

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Vitamin D - TREND oder HOFFNUNG ?

Vitamin D - TREND or HOPE?

We are often asked what VITAMIN D is all about?

What doses or what products do we recommend?

We would like to give you a great lecture by Prof. Dr. Jörg Spitz of the Academy for Human Medicine recommend:

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Herzmuskelentzündung nach Infektionen

Inflammation of the heart muscle after infection

Heart health is a more than present topic in these tough times. The media is overturning and the waiting rooms in the doctor's offices are full.

Where could that come from? The WHO has recorded a significant increase for years. Dipl. Ing. (bio-med) relies on solutions and a positive lifestyle.

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Das Geheimnis chronischer Gesundheit im neuen Sendeformat " Wa(h)re Gesundheit"

The secret of chronic health in the new broadcast format "Wa(h)re Gesundheit"

A new chronic health interview from a chronic health expert.

Many answers to a truly healthier future for every person with a longing for it.

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Gesund durch Information

Health through information

In an interview, she describes how to implement conscious health-promoting development in life.

We start with the formative phase of pregnancy. We have it in our hands to positively influence the external factors for our later life.

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