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Zitrone die ins Wasser fällt, Vitamin C

Vitamins are only strong together!

Crosslinking of vitamins C and D!

Vitamin C and vitamin D are essential nutrients for the human body and each play an important role in supporting health. There is some evidence that these two vitamins may work together to provide even more health benefits.

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Vitamin D, Magnesium und Omega3!

Vitamin D, Magnesium and Omega3!

You might be wondering why we've now included vitamin D, magnesium citrate and omega 3 in our health orchestra in addition to my beloved blueberry?

As a classical freak, I love symphonies.

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Vitamin D - TREND oder HOFFNUNG ?

Vitamin D - TREND or HOPE?

We are often asked what VITAMIN D is all about?

What doses or what products do we recommend?

We would like to give you a great lecture by Prof. Dr. Jörg Spitz of the Academy for Human Medicine recommend:

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