Gesund altern? Ist das modern?

Aging healthy? is this modern

Feb 25, 2022Jutta Suffner

Dear friends of chronic health,

I HAVE to tell you that. Last week I had the opportunity to have coffee with a 92.7 year old man and a 91.6 year old woman .

And guess what? I really had trouble following the two gentlemen. Both are so "fit in the head" that young people have to listen intensively in order to follow the two in their communication.

How did they both stay fit for sooo long? Very easily. They LIVE and participate in LIFE. Of course you have completely different cornerstones from the war years than ours. Nothing beats the two of them that easily anymore.

As the lady said: Life is beautiful at any age.

And the young gentleman: every day I set myself goals, write articles for the newspaper and see how I can help to improve things in my home town.

Of course - and of course that makes me proud - both are keen blueantox® fans.

We all know that the components of wild blueberry positively affect the cognitive properties of our dear brain. I was able to experience the proof of this live on Sunday.

I wish your brain cells continued happy growth and lots of curiosity

Your Jutta Suffner and the blueberry team

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