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Was wir von der wilden Heidelbeere lernen dürfen!

What we can learn from the wild blueberry!

Dear blueberry friends,
Since I have just discovered a blueberry bush here in the Harz Mountains (withered but still wonderful), the following thoughts came to mind for you:
Do we act like a wild blueberry bush that uses its increased defenses after a fire to adapt to the new circumstances and develop more defenses?
In relation to us, this means that if we find ourselves in exceptional emotional or physical situations, we too always have a choice: resign or ask ourselves what this situation has in store for us. We also carry old knowledge within us, which has been lost over the years. We have it simple
and poignantly forgetting that we are spiritual beings who are allowed to have a human experience. We live in a time of change, our field of consciousness is expanding and we are being lifted to a new level. The process of detaching from old patterns is often painful and incomprehensible. Let's take nature as an example, the intelligence and power of the wild blueberry. She uses "disasters and challenges" for her growth.
I would be very happy if you could integrate something from this message into your life so that more lightness and health can find its way.
In this sense, chronically healthy greetings
Yours, Jutta Suffner

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