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Frühling, ich komme mit voller Kraft und Immunbooster!

Spring, I'm coming in full force and immune boosters!

Dear blueberry friends,
are your hiking boots or your bike calling?
The Baltic Sea is calling for me, but at the moment it's still a bit fresh to jump in. So far, it has remained with "Kneipp's pedaling tests" with strong heat and cold stimuli.

Did you know that a blockage in the lung meridian can manifest itself in sadness, asthma, coughing and night sweats ? By the way, the main time of your lungs is 4 o'clock.

In order to be well prepared, it is important to activate our life meridian . Therefore, the blueberry has made friends with the Cordyceps sinensis. The latter activates the lung and kidney meridians so that we can perform at our best . In blueantox®-sport you will find this wonderful marriage of nature.

Cordyceps fungus , also known as Chinese caterpillar fungus, has long been an important part of traditional Chinese medicine. It is valued for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune-modulating properties and has also gained importance in the field of sports nutrition in recent years.

Cordyceps is often used by athletes as it can help improve physical performance. One study showed that taking cordyceps mushroom extract can improve oxygen uptake and energy expenditure, which can lead to greater endurance and faster post-workout recovery. In addition, Cordyceps can also help improve muscular endurance and strength.

Another benefit of cordyceps for athletes is its ability to reduce stress. One study found that taking cordyceps mushroom extract in athletes can help reduce stress and fatigue after intense exercise.

Overall, cordyceps mushroom extract has promising applications for athletes due to its numerous health-promoting properties and potential to improve physical performance.

A side note: instead of the car, hiking shoes and bicycles are particularly appropriate and inexpensive, especially in these times.

What are you waiting for? Off to your bike in the basement. It is already looking forward to you.

Sunny greetings from the far north and see you soon

Your Jutta Suffner and the blueberry team

Dipl. Ing. (bio-med) Jutta Suffner is a chronic health expert and author from Germany.

She runs her own naturopathic practice and a website on which she reports on her experiences in dealing with chronic diseases and gives approaches for better health. In particular, she is committed to a holistic view of health, in which physical as well as mental and emotional factors are taken into account.

In addition, Jutta Suffner has published the book "Die healthy - that's possible!" published, in which she deals with the taboo topic of death and shows how one can stay healthy until the end of one's life. The book offers practical tips for better preparation for the end of life and a more conscious lifestyle.

Overall, Jutta Suffner is a dedicated chronic health expert and author who advocates a holistic view of health and a conscious lifestyle.

www.juttasuffner.de or www.gesund-sterben.de

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