VIDEO: Kennen Sie das Bircher-Müsli?

VIDEO: Do you know Bircher muesli?

Jun 16, 2022Jutta Suffner

Dear blueberry friends,

Hearing loss or just the tranquility of nature?

I asked myself this question at 1400 m in the idyllic Braunwald.

Together with Nicola Pflückiger, from the Catch the zenith podcast, we met Dr Andres Bircher in the little musician's house, in the middle of two grand pianos belonging to his grandfather, Dr Maximillian Bircher-Benner, the well-known inventor of Bircher muesli.

Dr Andres Bircher opened his treasure chest of experiences filled with over four decades of knowledge and human medicine.

Watch the video HERE on my Youtube channel.

Have fun watching and please leave me a comment or your opinion.

Yours, Jutta Suffner

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