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blueantox®NATUR Wilder Blaubeerextrakt ORGANIC - blueantox®
blueantox®NATURE Wild blueberry extract 90 capsules
For your better well-being
good for the whole bodyProvides stability in everyday life90 capsules for 90 days
86,00 € 346,77 € / 100g
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blueantox®AKTIV (vorher SPORT) Wilder Blaubeerextrakt ORGANIC - blueantox®
blueantox®AKTIV Wild Blueberry Extract
More power through Cordyceps sinensis
for more strength and regenerationgood for your lungs90 capsules for 90 days
89,00 € 116,80 € / 100g
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Blueantox®DROPS - blueantox®
blueantox®DROPS Wild Blueberry Extract
Power and strength for young and old!
for the peace of your childrenEasy consumption60 gummy drops
27,99 € 23,33 € / 100g
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StarterPaket "Chronische Gesundheit" - blueantox®
Starter package "Chronic Health"
109,99 € 133,98 €
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blueantox®IMMUN* (vorher BODY) Wilder Blaubeerextrakt ORGANIC - blueantox®
blueantox®BODY Wild blueberry extract 90 capsules
Wild blueberries with nettles
can support your immune systemgood for your liver90 capsules for 90 days
89,00 € 341,52 € / 100g
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blueantox®-Natürliches Vitamin C mit Vitamin E - blueantox®
blueantox®Natural vitamin C with vitamin E
Your vitamin boost for the day
Perfect additionUnbeatable combination120 capsules
23,39 € 25,99 € 22,75 € / 100g
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Jutta Suffner - Gesund Sterben, das ist möglich! - blueantox®
Non-fiction book - Dying healthy, that's possible!
19,99 €
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Impressive numbers

blueantox® is based on science

Over 50 clinical studies

to the wild blueberry

Over 43 renowned articles

about the benefits of anthocyanins

Over 250 preclinical studies

with blueberries

Prof. Dr. Dartsch examines the blueberry

An interesting insight into the power of blueberries

Over 6,500 satisfied customers

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MirkoImpressed customer

I have been taking Blueantox for about 3 weeks. The product is the best nutritional supplement I have come across so far. After just a short time, I had significantly less pain in my joints and noticeably more energy. My nail growth and digestion also changed for the better.

M. Büdelmit Freude im Leben

Die Blaubeere hat mein Leben verändert.

Mein Kopf ist klarer; es hat ein wenig Zeit gebraucht; oft hatte ich schwere Gedanken nach dem Schlaf. Jetzt jedoch wache ich morgens mit freudigen Gedanken auf. Ein Segen für mein Leben. Durch blueantox® ist wieder Freude in mein Leben gekommen. Tausen Dank dafür.

Karl-Heinz S.Everyday Master

Hello, since we started taking Blueantox every day for the family, including our grandmother, we feel stronger for everyday life. We also don't know of any better products in terms of price-performance ratio.

Dr. Ulrike B.Happy customer

I feel fitter, more alert (1) and have the impression that my immune system is also better strengthened.

DG, SwitzerlandRepeat customers

I am happy that I have not had an eye infection for 5 months and will order BLUEANTOX again next week. We wish you sunny summer days and send our warmest regards.

Renate SJoyful customer

I feel much better, have more strength and stamina, and my hair and nails have become stronger.

Nadine V.Long-term customer

The Blueantox products are great. I have been taking them for 2 years and I get on very well with them. I can't imagine life without them.

DGGrateful customer

I have been taking the blueberries for a week now and I feel more stable and stronger, more organized and focused. I just wanted to say thank you. Yours, DG

Helena H.customer

After coughing started, taken again, rapid improvement already on the second day, additional intake in the evening zinc

Christian W.customer

My blood circulation has improved and with the help of a HP I was able to reduce my medication from 5 to 1 tablet and I feel better than I have in a long time.

Sumy Kopfschmerzen los


Maria M.customer

Skin improvement
Fewer infections

Isolde N.customer

After chemotherapy, I felt weak and unable to perform. Blueantox immediately improved this greatly. My severe nerve pain after surgery has steadily reduced

Mag. Eva PuchnerTA Praxis „zu Zweit“

Am Beispiel einer Katze, die mit Herpes zu kämpfen hatte konnten wir mit 1 Messerspitze blueantox® (NATUR) eine so tolle Besserung erreichen. Endlich, nach langen Versuchen.

Wir nutzen es bei allen Vierbeinern, wenn immunsuppressiv gearbeitet werden muss.

Esther Dcustomer

Periodontitis and unexplained sore throat for years; taking high doses of Blueantox, 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening for about 8-10 weeks. Now only 2 per day. Periodontitis and sore throat

Andreas K.customer

Taking antidepressants, anxiety, taking blueberries resulted in significant improvement in general condition, mood more positive

Lena K.Runner

She is a runner and spends a lot of time outdoors. Her pollen allergy has caused her problems for many years. Nose blocked, eyes watering. She has been taking 3 capsules of blueantox regularly for about 6 months and this summer she can run outdoors without any problems. She will continue to take them.

Christian B.customer

Psoriasis has calmed down slightly, I can concentrate better. My vitality is also better. I am more productive.

Susie St.customer

I can concentrate better. My vitality is also better. I am more productive.

Mag. Eva PuchnerMigränepatientin

Als langjährige Migränepatientin war ich auf der Suche nach Mitteln aus der Natur. Jetzt nehme ich in akuten Fällen 3 blueantox® in Kombination mit Magnesium. Normalerweise wirkt zu viel Magnesium verdünnend auf den Stuhl. Dies wird jedoch durch die Inhaltsstoffe von blueantox® kompensiert. Diese Kombi ist für mich ein Segen.

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Jutta Suffner and her story

Due to her own illness, a massive myocarditis, the idea of ​​blueantox® was born