"How the wild blueberry found me!"

Jutta's story

Jutta's story

Why didn't I discover the valuable information about wild blueberries more than 25 years ago while I was very ill in the intensive care unit?

Everything has it's time !

However, this was not yet ripe. I was allowed and had to have certain experiences so that I could really recognize the essence and power information of the wild blueberry. I wasn't able to do that at the time. But life seemed to have something else in mind for me. At that time still caught in the hamster wheel of ultrasound training, I was suddenly torn from life by a delayed viral infection.

Work at any price!

A heart muscle infection tied me to my bed for almost a year. The possibilities for reducing inflammation in a heart muscle are limited. You can't just "switch off" the heart to give it the rest it needs. What to do? Anti-inflammatories, beta blockers, rest and the like were the drugs of choice. Long story short... it took me almost seven years to fully recover. A long time, but in hindsight the only and most important reminder I needed from the universe to finally wake up and change my life.

Life had something else in mind for me!

At that time I would never have considered it my life's work to be able to pass on my knowledge about prevention and health maintenance as well as the information as medicine to people in a way that was understandable and suitable for everyday use. In fact, the wild blueberry then helped me (frankly, lovingly nudged me) to rethink my understanding of disease and healing. The intelligence of the wild blueberry supports me every day and for that I say THANK YOU.

Secret natural power for your health!

Only slowly did I notice the inherent power of the wild blueberry; their valuable ingredients, the so-called anthocyanins. Ultimately, they are the ones who help us to develop our potential and initiate healing . I researched, read, searched, found and gave up again. Started again and continued researching until I held an extract in my hand that met my expectations. It may help people curb silent inflammation. The valuable ingredients can humans help to stay balanced (adaptable). Our immune system can be supported in the long term. Anti-inflammatory , an important issue. Because (almost) every disease is based on silent inflammation. In particular, today's diseases of civilization are affected. Consequential diseases such as stroke and heart attack can be avoided if the silent inflammation is contained or does not flare up in the first place.

Prevention and self-responsibility!

Nobody can escape the influencing factors of silent inflammation. So it makes sense to do something every day to contain these silent fires and prevent further damage. My vision: DIE HEALTHY! Prerequisite: HEALTHY AGING! Being able to support you and your loved ones a little makes me infinitely grateful and also proud.

All of this is possible , as you can read in my book "Die healthy, that's possible".
Sincerely yours and your Jutta Suffner