Wilde Blaubeere: Das blaue Wunder für unseren Darm!

Wild blueberries: the blue miracle for our intestines!

Jan 18, 2023Redaktion blueantox

Blueberries, like wild blueberries, soothe inflammatory bowel.

Wild blueberry anthocyanins can protect cells. Cells strengthened in this way are durable and can optimally perform their vital work for us. They stimulate the liver's detoxification system, can help to eliminate heavy metals and endotoxins and there is the possibility of reducing disease-promoting inflammation.

This is how the ingredients of wild blueberries work in the intestine

The ingredients of the wild blueberries act in the dried state in mild diarrhea through the tannins and the color pigments anthocyanins. Lund University found this out. The tannins react with proteins in the mucous membranes and form insoluble compounds - This creates a protective layer that makes it difficult for germs to penetrate and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, the ingredients of wild blueberries are also used for inflammation in the throat or gums.

While fresh wild blueberries stimulate bowel movements, dried fruits stop diarrhea. Thus, nature has invented a remedy for diarrhea that has been used by humans for centuries.

healthy gut Rethink your diet!

In principle, we also always recommend a covered diet. What you put into your body is critical to proper digestion. Of course, we don't want to do without everything or have to become vegan straight away, but the foods we give our bodies are important for good digestion and the absorption of micronutrients.

There are some studies that indicate that wild blueberries may have beneficial effects on the gut.

A study published in the journal Nutrients in 2019 examined the effects of wild blueberries on gut health in rats. Results showed that wild blueberry intake promoted the growth of healthy gut bacteria and reduced inflammation in the gut.

Another study, published in the journal Food Research International in 2018 , examined the effects of wild blueberries on human intestinal cells. The results showed that wild blueberries had anti-inflammatory effects and promoted the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

A third study, published in the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research in 2017, examined the effects of wild blueberries on gut health in mice. Results showed that wild blueberry intake promoted the growth of healthy gut bacteria and reduced inflammation in the gut.

We from blueantox.com have developed an extract which is equipped with over 25% anthocyanins in a special extraction process. This has been laboratory tested and also tested in an independent study by the University of Münster.

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