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Herz- Gesundheit in stürmischen Zeiten

Heart health in turbulent times

In an earlier phase of life, alternative practitioner Jutta Suffner experienced what it means to suddenly be confronted with heart problems. In search of a cure, the graduate engineer and biomedical scientist opened up to complementary methods. Today, Jutta Suffner wants to help as many people as possible to benefit from their own experience. A recovery report.
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PODCAST: Herzgesundheit

PODCAST: Heart Health

Heart health has been a huge topic in my life and I know that it is or was the same for many other people.
In this episode we talk about the topic of heart.
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PODCAST: Die wilde Blaubeere

PODCAST: The Wild Blueberry

enjoy listening to the podcast 👇
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PODCAST : DARM-Gesundheit

PODCAST : gastrointestinal health

enjoy listening to the podcast 👇
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Klingeln im Ohr?

ringing in the ear?

Where does the ringing in the ear come from? 🤔
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Migräne und Entzündungen

migraines and inflammation

What exactly happens with migraines? 🤔
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Was wir von der wilden Heidelbeere lernen dürfen!

What we can learn from the wild blueberry!

Do we act like a wild blueberry bush that uses its increased defenses after a fire to adapt to the new circumstances and develop more defenses?
In relation to us, this means that if we find ourselves in exceptional emotional or physical situations, we too always have a choice: resign or ask ourselves what this situation has in store for us.
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Nährstoffmangel im Überfluss

Nutrient deficiencies in abundance

Nutrient deficiencies in abundance

Tomato is not just a tomato
If we talk to our parents and grandparents, we get astonished looks at the variety of "nutritional supplements" that can be found in our homes today. Just why?

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Kennen Sie meine Familie ?

Do you know my family ?

The pure power of nature...
can be found in blueantox®-nature. Here I have packed the wild blueberry power in the form of an extract for you. For everyone who wants to keep their body in balance preventively and supportively, especially during these tough times.

Because even wild blueberries don't have it easy in nature: fire, heat, rain and drought.

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Zurück zur Natur...normal oder natürlich?

Back to nature...normal or natural?

Back to nature....normal or natural?

Our brain power decreases with age. Is that correct ?
In a recently published study, researchers examined the 'centenarians' group in the 'Blue Zones' (regions of the world with an unusually large number of centenarians).

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