Kennen Sie meine Familie ?

Do you know my family ?

Sep 20, 2021Jutta Suffner

Do you know my family...the blueberry family?

The pure power of nature...
can be found in blueantox®-nature. Here I have packed the wild blueberry power in the form of an extract for you. For everyone who wants to keep their body in balance preventively and supportively, especially during these tough times.
Because even wild blueberries don't have it easy in nature: fire, heat, rain and drought. All of these extreme situations have to be mastered brilliantly. The ingenious thing: you, dear blueberry friend, absorb this power when you enjoy blueantox®-nature. Because information is never lost.

Your liver will be happy...
...because your liver really doesn't have it easy. It is your body's detoxification and disposal station . Everything you absorb in the course of your life, be it through food, emotions, the environment, etc., has to go through your liver. Heavy metals can also wreak havoc. They are an optimal breeding ground for viruses and bacteria that nobody really needs (staphlococci and streptococci, for example). If your immune system is weakened, such viruses and bacteria can damage organs and joints.
Therefore, it is important to eliminate all these toxins. But how does the liver get rid of all these things?
This is where she needs support. For example, with the help of the power of wild blueberries and nettles, as an extract. I have combined these two natural forces in the blueantox®-body . Even Hildegard von Bingen swore by the healing power of stinging nettles as an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying miracle.

Not just for athletes...
there was a secret miracle weapon as the elixir of life in ancient China: the Chinese caterpillar fungus; called cordyceps sinensis. This mushroom is well known to athletes. Since it strengthens the lung and kidney meridians, it has a supporting effect on your life energy. blueantox®-sport can support all those who want to strengthen their lungs.
A tip that a mountaineer from Switzerland gave me before difficult climbs: open the capsule and enjoy the contents (taste experience rather neutral 😊). Approx. Leave on for 60 seconds so that the pure power can be absorbed directly through the mucous membranes.

Healthy snacking during the lunch break...also for young and old
Our blueantox®-kids can now be found in handbags, car doors (yes, really), swimming bags and breakfast boxes for children. The delicious gummy drops not only taste wonderful, they also fill young and old with an extra portion of blueberry power. The best moment to try it is NOW!
Still fit at 91 and my most valuable family member :-)
So that you can see that you can be fit and active even at the age of 91 and with the power of blueberries, you can watch my interview with a wonderful woman who has known me for 55 years. Have fun with you.

What experiences do you associate with wild blueberries? Please write to me at

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