Zurück zur Natur...normal oder natürlich?

Back to nature...normal or natural?

Sep 20, 2021Jutta Suffner

Back to nature....normal or natural?

Our brain power decreases with age. Is that correct ?
In a recently published study, researchers examined the 'centenarians' group in the 'Blue Zones' (regions of the world with an unusually large number of centenarians). 340 people (74% of them women) were taken into account and their brain activity examined. Her cognitive performance was outstanding until the end of her life.
In these regions it is "normal" to age healthily. If you ask people there when they will retire, they look at you in disbelief. This word is simply unknown. Everyone works actively in the community until the end; depending on physical ability.
In our latitudes, on the other hand, it is suggested to us that it is "normal" to be "sick" in old age.

Normal or natural?
It should be normal to grow old healthy.
We come into this world with a natural process of self-healing. Our body is thrown off balance by external influences such as toxins and environmental pollution that we often cannot influence ourselves. With a balanced diet, exercise and emotional stability, we can do a lot ourselves.

Healthy aging with the power of nature!
Unfortunately, our food no longer contains the vitamins and vital substances compared to that of our parents and grandparents. Current studies show losses of up to 90%. Every drug, every antibiotic robs us of additional vital substances. In addition to vitamin D and magnesium, our brain in particular needs countless vital substances to stay fit and active into old age.
It therefore makes sense to supply the body with the missing substances. Such substances ideally have an adaptogenic effect, i.e. have a balancing effect and bring our body back into balance. This is incredibly important, especially in these tough times.

nature for our body

This balance is made possible with blueantox®-nature .
My tip: open a capsule and let the contents melt on your tongue (caution: strong blue discoloration!). Thus, the elemental force of nature can work directly through the oral mucosa.

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