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VIDEO: Stärke Deine Sehkraft

VIDEO: Strengthen your eyesight

There are some studies that suggest that eating blueberries, including wild blueberries, may improve eyesight.
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Superkraft für Ihre Augen !

Super power for your eyes!

Just yesterday I received another post from a scientist who once again pointed out the incredible ability of the wild berries in terms of eye power .

Especially in our smartphone and PC-controlled world, our eyes have to do a real tour de force every day. Constant digital vision does not necessarily promote eye health.

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Klare Sicht in starken Zeiten !

Clear view in tough times!

Our eyes are one of the most important organs we have. It is therefore crucial to keep them as healthy as possible. One of the ways to achieve this is to consume wild blueberries on a regular basis.
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